Taking the MBTA This Morning? Get Ready to Wait

Commuters wait for the Red Line train.
Commuters wait for the Red Line train. –@lysistratald/Instagram

For many, today felt like a Monday morning, the first day back after a relaxing “weekend’’ shoveling and fighting for parking spots (and food) at the grocery store.

For many commuters, it was the kind of Monday that makes you want to turn around, head home, and crawl back into bed.

First it was a disabled train at Quincy Center caused severe delays this morning on the MBTA’s Red line.

Reports popped up on social media that a fire was to blame. But an MBTA spokesperson told The Boston Globe that a “failure in the train’s propulsion system had caused a burst of smoke.’’ In other words, ‘where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire’ doesn’t always hold up.


It wasn’t just the Red line. The MBTA also reported delays resulting from a disabled train on the Green line.

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