The Mayor of London Waited Way Too Long For the Red Line This Morning

London Mayor Boris Johnson at the British Consulate on Monday.
London Mayor Boris Johnson at the British Consulate on Monday. –Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

London mayor/zip line daredevil Boris Johnson is in our fair city today as part of his six-day trade-related mission in the states, meeting with local tech and business leaders, and lending his opinion on the 2024 Olympics. (“… I think there will be massive enthusiasm, of the kind that we saw in London,’’ he said in a conference.)

But before all that, he waited for the T, just like the rest of us.

The British Consulate’s Boston office confirmed that Johnson attempted to take the Red Line at Park Street but had to “begrudgingly ditch the T idea’’ to alternative transportation when his entourage realized that all hope was lost it became clear the wait would make them late to their next appointment.


However, the office says Johnson still enjoyed his time with the MBTA, and “honouring (sic) selfie requests’’ with fellow aspiring passengers at the stop.


Johnson’s team says he makes an effort to check out all the public transit systems in the cities he visits, noting he’ll check out New York’s subway later this week. The only difference is, he’ll probably be able to board it this time.

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