Somerville Calls Off School for Rest of Week

Somerville students are going to have a long February vacation. Mayor Joe Curtatone announced Wednesday morning schools would stay closed for the rest of the week, with the scheduled break to follow next week. The amount of snow on public school roofs has officials concerned, according to the city’s website. Other city buildings remain closed as well. From the city:

Right now it is not safe to have residents, students, staff, and others in our schools and municipal buildings without the roofs being cleared, and we cannot clear the roofs while these buildings are open. For this reason, schools will remain closed on Thursday and Friday. We will continue to provide updates on City buildings.

At a Wednesday press conference, Curtatone and superintendent Tony Pierantozzi detailed some of those concerns, The Somerville Journal reported.

Curtatone said snowdrifts are 3 feet high on many buildings and up to 6 feet on some. Officials began examining buildings earlier this week after seeing reports of other roofs in the area collapsing under the weight of snow. Pierantozzi said the school administration office building at 42 Cross Street has cracks in its walls and a bend in structural beams in a storage room.

By the time this week has passed, Somerville students will have missed nine school days. Boston has missed seven to this point, and Mayor Marty Walsh said Tuesday that students will go to school in Boston on Bunker Hill Day and Evacuation Day to make up for all of the snow. Somerville will consider makeup days of its own, with Good Friday, part of April vacation, and Saturdays among the possibilities, according to the Journal. “The Superintendent of Schools will work with the School Committee, teachers and get input from parents to develop a plan to make up the missed days,’’ a city spokesperson told Wednesday afternoon.


Quincy is also canceling school for the rest of the week. Patrick Ronan of The Patriot Ledger put the snowy onslaught’s effect on Quincy’s school year into perspective Wednesday afternoon:

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