Boston’s Mayor Seems Pretty Tired of All This Dang Snow

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh sounds like he’s about had it with the snow.
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh sounds like he’s about had it with the snow. –The Boston Globe

Boston woke up to another snowstorm Sunday morning, and guess what—there was more snow than expected. In a press conference to update on the city’s efforts during the blizzard, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh spoke for many when he said, “I don’t know what to say to anybody anymore. Hopefully it will stop eventually.’’

“It’s getting frustrating even for myself,’’ he added.

“God knows how long, how many weeks, we’ll be doing this,’’ Walsh said of the city’s snow plowing efforts.

Walsh said plowers tend to enjoy the work. But on Sunday, “even for a lot of plow drivers, they’re at a point where they’re just tired of it,’’ he said.


The mayor warned Bostonians to prepare for what may seem like futility in fighting the snow Sunday. The heavy winds of this most recent barrage from the skies may whip snow where nobody wants it. “There’s going to be snow moving all over the place,’’ he said. “As you shovel the snow, as you move the snow, it’s going to come back on your sidewalk…If the wind continues to persist all day long, it will look like in some cases we haven’t plowed.’’

Pummeled though Walsh may have sounded, he said close to 600 plows are dealing with the snow. The city’s snow emergency will stay in effect until further notice.

Walsh isn’t the only one who sounds more than a little fed up.

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