Marathon Bombing Survivor Writes Letter to Tsarnaev Hours After Testifying

Rebekah Gregory had tears in her eyes as she crossed the marathon finish line during a tribute run last year. This year, she crossed on her prosthetic leg.
Rebekah Gregory crossed the marathon finish line during the Tribute Run in Boston on April 19 2014. (Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff) –The Boston Globe

Hours after taking the stand as a witness Wednesday, Boston Marathon bombing survivor Rebekah Gregory wrote a letter to accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and posted it on Facebook.

Gregory, who had her left leg amputated below the knee in November after over a year and a half and 17 surgeries, wrote she had been scared of Tsarnaev after the bombing, but not anymore.

But today, all that changed. Because this afternoon, I got to walk into a courtroom and take my place at the witness stand, just a few feet away from where you were sitting. (I was WALKING. Did you get that?) And today I explained all the horrific details, of how you changed my life, to the people that literally hold YOURS in their hands. That’s a little scary right? And this afternoon before going in, I’m not going to palms were sweaty. And sitting up there talking to the prosecution did make me cry. But today, do you know what else happened? TODAY…I looked at you right in the face….and realized I wasn’t afraid anymore.

Gregory testified on the trial’s first day in which Tsarnaev’s attorney, Judy Clarke, admitted, “It was him,’’ who placed one of the bombs on April 15, 2013 that killed three and injured hundreds more. Tsarnaev, who allegedly carried out the attack with his older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who died in a shootout with police, faces 30 charges – 17 of which carry the death penalty.


Gregory wrote what the brothers tried to destroy, they “only made stronger.’’

So yes…you did take a part of me. Congratulations you now have a leg up…literally. But in so many ways, you saved my life. Because now, I am so much more appreciative of every new day I am given. And now, I get to hug my son even tighter than before, blessed that he is THRIVING, despite everything that has happened.

Because now to me you’re a nobody, and it is official that you have lost. So man that really sucks for you bro. I truly hope it was worth it.

She signed the letter to Tsarnaev, “Someone you shouldn’t have messed with.’’

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