Rep. Katherine Clark Calls For Prosecution of Online Threats Against Women

Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) in her office.
Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) in her office. –Pete Marovich Images

Congresswoman Katherine Clark of Massachusetts wants the Department of Justice to do a better job prosecuting online threats against women.

In a Tuesday announcement, Clark called on the DOJ to “prioritize’’ online threats against women. She’s also sent a letter to fellow members of Congress and to the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies—the entity that oversees the DOJ—asking them to put language in the 2016 appropriations act that specifically addresses online threats.

Clark, a former prosecutor, said her office met with seven representatives from the FBI in February to determine how seriously the agency takes the problem, but was disappointed by the conversation.


“I certainty understand there are 15,000 FBI agents globally and they’re looking at many issues of terrorism,’’ Clark told Jezebel. “Resources are definitely an issue. But what we haven’t heard from them, and why we did the letter to appropriations to urge them to make this a priority, is if they need more resources to prosecute those crimes.’’

Clark is the congresswoman for Brianna Wu, a Boston-based game developer who’s been harassed for months by Gamergaters. She’s received numerous death threats.

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