Bomb Squad Detonates Cannonball Found on Carson Beach, May Date to Civil War Era

A fisherman found the cannonball this morning at Castle Island.

The cannonball that was detonated today.
The cannonball that was detonated today. –Massachusetts State Police

Massachusetts State Police reported that a cannonball possibly dating to the Civil War era was found this morning by a fisherman at Castle Island and detonated at Carson Beach.

Bomb squad members, with assistance from the Navy, buried the cannonball under a sand berm to absorb some of the blast. The road along Carson Beach was briefly closed, and State Police asked news stations to move helicopters at least a mile back from the site before the detonation.

The detonation took place at about noon, with an “all clear’’ given minutes later.

State Police said the cannonball was “most likely inert but being detonated in abundance of caution.’’


Castle Island is home to Fort Independence, which was active during the Civil War era.

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