Is Iron Man Coming to Southie?

Stark Industries appears to be merging with Gillette.

–Charlotte Wilder for with a super fancy iPhone camera.

A sign has popped up on Gillette’s headquarters in Southie that reads “STARK INDUSTRIES.’’ Is Tony Stark (A.K.A. Iron Man, A.K.A. Robert Downey Jr.) making a career change?

The sign is currently under wraps—blue tarp, specifically—but a security guard, whose secret identity we’re protecting, said it’s for an event Gillette will be hosting on Thursday. Could it be something as cool as the filming of another Avengers movie?

Unfortunately: No, it seems to have more to do with shaving.

The event is a “union of superpowers,’’ according to an email obtained by that was sent out to all of the “Global Grooming employees.’’ The email goes on to say that this superpower convention will highlight “some of the best shaving technology in the world.’’


It then described, in detail, all of the places employees will not be able to park while the superpowers are superpowering.

Perhaps Tony Stark, who was once into building suits made of iron and saving the world, is more into making razor blades these days. Can we expect a Razor Man franchise in the near future?

Or maybe, more realistically, the media blitz for the next Avengers movie is starting to get underway.

Avengers, interpret.

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