Boston Police Shooting Video Released (Warning: Graphic)

Officer John T. Moynihan
Officer John T. Moynihan –Boston Police Department/AP

The grainy footage shows a car pulled over by two police vehicles, blue lights flashing, in Roxbury on Friday, March 27.

Five Boston Police officers and one Massachusetts State trooper exit their vehicles and approach the car. Officer John T. Moynihan begins to open the front driver’s side door. Two seconds later, he is shot in the face at close range by a man police later identified as Angelo West, 41, of Hyde Park, and falls to the ground. West continues to fire at officers as he runs away. West is then shot and killed by police.

“The video speaks for itself,’’ Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley said.


Moynihan, his family, and West’s family have already seen the video, which was released at a news conference Friday. Moynihan “probably realizes he’s lucky to be talking at this point,’’ Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said.

Releasing the disturbing video “reflects our intention to make best practices on transparency better,’’ Conley said.

Evans echoed that statement, saying it is “so important to be as transparent as possible.’’

Moynihan, who has been recovering from a gunshot wound below his right eye at Boston Medical Center, is “remarkably doing well,’’ Evans said.

“He’s a strong brave police officer like all of my officers are on my Boston Police Department,’’ he said, “Hopefully he’ll be back on the job very soon.’’

The investigation into the shooting is still open and active, Conley said.

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