Tsarnaev middle-finger photo, video released

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has released a photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev flashing his middle finger at a security camera in a federal court holding cell. The Federal Public Defender Office also released video of the incident.

Jurors were shown the video still Tuesday during the prosecution’s opening statements on the first day of the trial’s sentencing phase. The footage is from July 10, 2013, roughly three months after the bombing. After jurors were shown the still again on Wednesday, the defense played several minutes of the original video.

The photo and video were submitted into evidence Wednesday during U.S. Marshal Gary Oliveira’s testimony.


In another video shown to jurors (below), which also was released by the Federal Public Defender Office on Wednesday, Tsarnaev spends about 30 seconds messing with his hair while looking into the reflective glass of the security camera in his cell. Then, in the video filmed about 10 minutes later (above), he stands on a bench to get closer to the camera, showing two fingers and the back of his hand in a “deuces’’ or “what’s up’’ gesture, before flipping off the camera.

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