Scott Brown talks biking, crashing, and almost doing a triathlon every day

Scott Brown and John Kerry seen before riding the 2012 Pan-Mass Challenge bike race across Massachusetts. Pan-Mass Challenge

Scott Brown may have stopped running for office, but he hasn’t stopped running — and biking and swimming.

The former Massachusetts senator told GQ he’s been putting his newly found free time to riding the New Hampshire seacoast, competing in triathlons, and becoming a bike mechanic.

“I’m a fixture along the seacoast and at the races,’’ Brown said in the interview, published Tuesday. “A lot of people will actually say, ‘I came to this race because I knew you were here and I’m just here to try to beat you.’ And I’m like, ‘Okay, good luck with that.’’’


A month after he lost the 2014 Senate election in New Hampshire, Brown began working as a bike mechanic at Gus’s Bike Shop in North Hampton, assembling nearly 40 bikes, according to Seacoast Online.

Brown — who earned a reputation as an athlete on the campaign trail — said he just wanted to learn how to put together bikes. He told GQ he recently toured Europe, racing bikes, while also absorbing the culture and history.

What does the 55-year-old’s training regimen look like? Oh, nothing major:

I almost do a triathlon every day. It doesn’t necessarily need to be all at one time. And I’m actually finding as I get older it’s better to split it up. I’m probably working out a good two, two and a half hours a day.

Brown also talked about his worst crashes (not counting this one):

What’s your gnarliest crash story?

That’s easy. I was in Foxboro on Route 140, fully tucked, blasting along, minding my own business. There was a car that went from a Dunkin Donuts into a Dairy Queen and basically stopped in the middle of where I was going. The curb was too high for me to jump, cars were too close on the left, so I basically had to slam on my brakes and started fishtailing. I literally flipped the car. Pretty banged up, screwed up my knee. Had to get a couple of operations. They basically said I’d never run again, or that I shouldn’t run again. Now I’m banging out 6:20 miles, so that wasn’t quite right.

Have you ever been doored?

I’ve certainly been run off the road with cars who were just being total dicks—drivers who were being total jerks, I should say. The motto for anybody who rides a bike is, “Those who crash and those who will.’’ It’s inevitable.

Brown also recounted riding with other politicians, including Secretary of State John Kerry, who he called “a very, very good rider. Strong rider, technical rider, confident rider.’’

[Secretary of State] John [Kerry] and I used to ride a lot. [Sen. Rob] Portman, [Sen. Mark] Warner, Kerry, and me—we’d go out pretty regularly discussing politics half of the way and just riding or racing the remaining half. It’s a good way to free your mind and get that heart pumping, find that balance that’s sometimes lacking, clear your head and keep the stress level down.

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