A how-to guide for today’s ‘Boston Life’ Snapchat spotlight

Snapchat’s venture to Boston includes three new location-based filters.
Snapchat’s venture to Boston includes three new location-based filters. –Snapchat

Snapchat is putting the focus on the “Boston Life’’ today, and that spotlight on the Hub comes with three new, nifty location-based filters.

As we reported on Wednesday, Snapchat will collect a series of photos and videos from Boston users on Friday and put them together for the app’s almost 100 million daily users to view. The snaps will then rest in the “Live Story’’ section of the app for 24 hours. And then, like all Snapchat posts, they will disappear forever.

The attention on Boston includes three new location-based “geo-filters’’ for users in Boston to slap over their images. There’s the large, colorful “Boston Life,’’ the subdued blue Massachusetts state seal, and the earnest “Wish you were here!’’ (somewhat reminiscent of those old-school “Greetings from Boston’’ ads).


For those who have no idea what this all means, here’s a quick guide to getting the most out of your Snapchat experience.

You’ll first need to turn on location services, both for your general phone settings and within the Snapchat app.

Then, within Snapchat, take a photo or video of something – your own beautiful face, or a colorful stranger on this cloudy day, or your walk by Fenway Park. In my case, I took a photo of my office, The Boston Globe building in Dorchester.

If you swipe right on the screen, you can put one of the geo-filters on the image to spruce it up, like so.

You can add text to the post by tapping the screen and writing a message. You can also draw something colorful by tapping the pencil in the upper-right corner and using your finger like a crayon.

I decided to go with the blue seal and the text of “#reporting,’’ because I am a professional and this is my job. When your snap is ready to go, tap the square-with-a-plus-sign at the bottom of the screen. That should bring up a message asking you to add your post to the “Our Boston Story’’ page.


Finally, click that blue right-facing arrow in the bottom-right of the screen.

You did it! If you did a good enough job being interesting, Snapchat may pick your post out and put it in the overall snap story for all to see. Best of luck.

To see the Live Story, go to the main Snapchat screen – the one you’d use to take a picture – and click on the three horizontal lines at the bottom-right of the screen. Once the Live Story is posted, you should be able to see it under the “Live’’ section with the name “Boston.’’

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