It appears Boston’s last snow farm has finally melted

The day has come.

All that remains of the Tide Street snow farm are puddles and trash.
All that remains of the Tide Street snow farm are puddles and trash. –Elise Musumano

Has Boston’s last snow farm finally met its maker?

“There is no snow left as far as I can tell,’’ Elise Musumano, an employee at ChoiceStream in Boston’s Seaport district, told “Based on my close proximity this morning, it’s really just a pile of trash at this point.’’

As proof, Musumano sent along the photo above — titled “trash.jpg’’ — in which the only things remaining of the 75-foot high snow farm on Tide Street are a series of puddles and a bevy of garbage.

Thus ends the final vestige of this past winter: Not with a bang but with a smelly, trashy whimper.


The apparent melting would make today the winner in the city contest asking people to guess when the snow will melt. However, when asked if July 13 would be declared the victor, a spokesperson for Mayor Walsh’s office said, “Not yet,’’ and sent along a photo of what appears to be a patch of dirt-encrusted ice at the snow farm scene.

“Mayor Walsh has been in close communication with the Public Works Department, who have been keeping a very close eye on the snow pile, which is still there,’’ a Walsh spokesperson said on Monday.

The staff at ChoiceStream, located on the fifth floor of the nearby Innovation and Design Building, has been closely following the snow farm’s meltdown over the past few months.

At the end of March, developer Kevin McGurn was growing frustrated with the mammoth snow farm. The dirty, trash-filled pile was an eyesore walking to and from his work. “It felt like we were in an eternal winter,’’ he says.

So he started taking photos from the same spot in his office window of the slowly dwindling pile. Last week, he turned about 65 photos of the snow farm, taken over the past three and a half months, into a compact time-lapse video of the big meltdown.


As the video shows (and as The New York Times recently documented), the snow farm still remained as of July 6.

Bill Guild, another employee at ChoiceStream, told on Monday morning that the farm was melting at an increasing rate recently and was “on the cusp’’ of fully melting, but he couldn’t say definitively whether the pile had completely melted.

“There might be enough dirt and trash there that it’d be hard to tell when all the snow is actually gone,’’ Guild said.

What say you: Is July 13 the big winner?

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