The snow farm has officially melted, so now let’s party

“Wooo!’’ said Emily Conley, who correctly guessed the date the snow would melt.

The Tide Street snow farm, seen here February 10, has been reduced to an empty, trash-filled lot.
The Tide Street snow farm, seen here February 10, has been reduced to an empty, trash-filled lot. –Getty Images/Scott Eisen

Boston’s last snow farm is officially snow-free. Now let’s party!

Mayor Marty Walsh declared Tuesday, July 14 the day that the snow farm in Boston’s Seaport finally melted down. At last.

All that remains now, about five months after it was created, is a heap of puddles, broken up concrete, and plenty of trash.

The snow farm was on its last legs on July 13. —Elise Musumano

Walsh had previously encouraged Boston residents to guess the date when the snow and ice farm would disappear with the hashtag #BOSMeltNow. The winners will get a chance to meet the Mayor and relish in their glory as Nostradamus reincarnate.

Snowstradamus, if you will.


Walsh had been in close communication with the Public Works Department to decide on the official end of the snow pile, a spokesperson said on Monday.

The mayor then called for a party at City Hall Plaza for Wednesday at 11 a.m., where the official winners will be declared.

Gov. Charlie Baker was excited, too.

One of the winners of the contest is Rhea Becker, who correctly guessed the date back on June 28.

“I knew that it was this super-packed mound of coldness, so I knew it was gonna take a really long time to melt,’’ she said. “I’ve been living in Boston for a long time, so I have a pretty good rate on snow melt.’’

Emily Conley also accurately guessed the meltdown date back on June 26, though she didn’t want to take too much credit.

“I was actually just kinda guessing,’’ she said.

Holly Monaco, who has survived about 15 Boston winters, said she chose the late date of July 14 partly because her 16-foot pile of snow in her backyard was taking so long to melt. In addition, by choosing Bastille Day, she knew she’d remember her guess.

No matter how they chose the day, all were excited about the victory.


“Oh my God, I got it right,’’ Monaco said.

“Wooo!’’ Conley said.

“I love it,’’ Becker said. “I’m hoping I can go to the party.’’

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