Target – err, ‘Tahget’ – thinks it has a ‘wicked smaht’ plan to get Boston shoppers

The store’s T-shirts feature Fluffernutter, Southie, and “How bout them apples.’’

Target’s plan to appeal to Boston shoppers includes these “Wicked smaht’’ T-shirts.

As soon as you walk into the Target store in Somerville, you’ll see some T-shirts that’d more typically be found in a tourist shop near Faneuil Hall or at Logan Airport.

“How bout them apples’’ “Where’s the packie?’’ “Wicked Smaht’’ “Bean Town.’’ And so on.

It seems no Boston cliché was left unused.

The local references are part of Target’s “Local Pride’’ collection, which are set to officially debut alongside the CityTarget in Fenway next Wednesday. The shirts, iPhone cases, foam fingers, and other goodies will be sold at 15 Target stores in the area.

In addition, store employees will wear red shirts that read “Tahget.’’


“It’s going to make them feel Target understands Boston,’’ Target executive Brian Cornell told The Wall Street Journal.


Though they officially debut next week, Somerville’s Target got the items in on Tuesday, according to Matt, the store’s general manager. So far, he said, the products were providing “awesome guest traffic’’ for curious shoppers. The “I’m a Fluffernutter’’ T-shirt is particularly popular, he said, because the fluffy stuff was invented in nearby Union Square.

So how did they decide on these Boston clichés? Todd Snyder, the designer of the collection, said he researched Boston by talking to people at the city’s top tourist spots, including the Old Town Trolley tour, the Cheers bar, Boston Harbor, and Fenway Park, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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