Video resurfaces of dash-cam cop confronting man trying to film him

The Medford police detective who was placed on administrative leave after dashboard camera footage caught him threatening to “blow a f—ing hole’’ in a driver’s head was previously caught on camera confronting a man who tried to film him.

Medford Police Chief Leo Sacco confirmed to that a July 2, 2012 YouTube video shows a smiling Stephen Lebert standing in front of the man’s camera, licking his finger to wipe on the camera lens.

Sacco said that Lebert was counseled on how to “act accordingly’’ after the 2012 incident.

In the video, the man filming tells Lebert that he is recording audio. Lebert tells the man filming that the man’s brother has a drug problem.


“What’s your drug of choice?’’ Lebert asks the man.

“I’m high on life.’’

“Me too,’’ Lebert says. “Life is great.’’

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Later in the video another cop tells the man filming that he’s given his brother a lot of breaks.

Then Lebert says: “What they should do is just take him up on the railroad tracks and tell him to lay down.’’

The man filming responds: “You’re gonna solve the country’s drug problem, right?’’

“One at a time,’’ Lebert says. “Starting with you and your junkie brother.’’

Sacco told that Lebert was counseled on that incident.

“He was told the people have the right to do the video and he has to act accordingly,’’ Sacco said.

Lebert was placed on administrative leave after he pulled over a motorist Sunday and was caught on film threatening the driver’s life.

Lebert did not return a call for comment Monday.

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