This bridge in Westwood just claimed another truck


On Thursday evening, an infamous bridge in Westwood tore the roof off a truck, claiming its fifth victim of the year.

Last year alone, 15 trucks collided with it, The Boston Globe reported.

Signage leading to the overpass warns any vehicle more than 10 feet, 6 inches tall to turn back, but truck drivers have a history of daring to squeeze under the bridge, which carries commuter rail trains over East Street.

“We’ve done basically everything we could. There’s more than enough signs there,’’ a spokesman for the Westwood Police Department told A few years ago, Westwood police installed video cameras to monitor the crashes as well (see above).


Police said the state will fix the bridge, which is owned by the MBTA. Raising the bridge is out of the question, police said, because the commuter rail train that runs across it needs a level surface.

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