The Case for Biden-Warren ‘16

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and VIce President Joe Biden.
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and VIce President Joe Biden. –REUTERS

Was Joe Biden’s meeting with Elizabeth Warren this weekend just a meeting? Or the start of something more?

National Review columnist John Fund makes the case that a Biden-Warren ticket could be Democrats’ Plan B if Hillary Clinton loses her place as the party’s frontrunner.

His logic: Biden, 72, might run for only one term. (He cites Carl Bernstein.)

A single term for Biden could leave the path to the 2020 nomination clear for Warren. “If Biden made her his vice-presidential choice, as Yale’s Professor [Paul] Kahn and others have suggested, she might be a virtual lock for the Democratic nomination,’’ Fund writes.


Fund notes that the Massachusetts senator has stayed neutral on the 2016 race, telling Boston’s WBZ she doesn’t think anyone has been “anointed’’ as the Democrats’ candidate.

Of course, Fund notes, Biden and Warren might be separated by actual positions on issues, particularly a 2005 Biden vote that was seen as friendly to credit-card companies. Warren is one of the Senate’s most vocal critics of the financial sector.

Is Fund serious about them aligning? Or is his column just an attempt by a conservative-leaning journalist to weaken Clinton by encouraging dissent among Democrats? You can read his full argument here.

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