Filene’s Basement is back. Sort of.

The Running of the Brides
The Running of the Brides –David L. Ryan / The Boston Globe

The Basement is back.

After declaring bankrupcy, Filene’s Basement is making a comeback: this time in the form of an online discount retailer, according to a tweet from the company’s new Twitter account.

Filene’s Basement closed its flagship store in 2007, after Macy’s shuttered the historic Filene’s Building in Downtown Crossing. The retailer continued to close stores until parent company Syms filed for bankrupcy in 2011.

The vendor’s new parent company, Trinity Place Holdings Inc, set up a new Twitter account for Filene’s Basement on Monday, announcing their new site will be live in a few weeks.


The Twitter bio also mentioned the online store will be offering “a curated selection of discount, branded apparel, accessories, and home goods, all customized to you.’’

Filene’s Basement will not be setting up any brick-and-mortar stores, according to an article on Women’s Wear Daily.

All that remains to be seen is how cutthroat the Running of the Brides will be online.

H/T (Boston Business Journal)

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