Has Boston outsmarted Storrowing?

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–David L. Ryan / The Boston Globe

So far, so good?

As college students return to Boston for the fall semester, there have yet to be any moving truck accidents on Storrow Drive, according to Massachusetts State Police.

State police Sgt. Tom Ryan told Boston.com police haven’t been notified of any incidents of “Storrowing’’ this move-in weekend. In the past, several low-clearance bridges over Storrow Drive have “troubled’’ moving trucks that were too tall.

A truck is stuck under a bridge on Storrow Drive on August 26, 2013. —Massachusetts State Police

The problem is a high priority at the end of summer, when many college students unfamiliar with the roads move into dorms and apartments. The state Department of Transportation is using electronic highways signs (usually reserved for urging drivers to vote Red Sox players to the All Star Game) to warn rental-truck drivers to avoid Storrow Drive.


Ryan said he hopes that the signs have helped.

“It’s pure speculation on my part,’’ he said, “But given the history of incidents that happen every year, if we’re seeing a reduction this year and the signs are new, there could be a correlation there.’’

Ryan said he knew of two incidents in which police had to shut down a lane to assist trucks in backing out ahead of a bridge. But the vehicles didn’t strike anything, he said.

That said, Tuesday is September, the start of many apartment leases. To avoid being the next to get Storrowed, here are some very useful tips.

The evolution of Storrow Drive

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