We did it! A Storrowing-free Allston Christmas

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–David L. Ryan / The Boston Globe

Despite a few near misses, Boston successfully managed the college move-in weekend and Allston Christmas without honoring the seasonal tradition of slamming a couple moving trucks into the low bridges on Storrow Drive.

A Massachusetts State Police spokeswoman confirmed to Boston.com Tuesday night that no such accidents on the notorious parkway had been reported since the beginning of last weekend.

A state police spokesman did say Monday that at least twice police had to shut down a lane in order to help a truck backing out ahead of the bridge, but there were no reported collisions, as has occured in the past.


In 2013, The Boston Globecalled the stuck trucks “a sure sign of students’ return to college.’’ According to data compiled by the Globe, that’s true. There were 59 overheight truck crashes on Storrow Drive and Soldiers Field Road from 2002 to 2014. During that time, September had the most crashes of any other month.

This year MassDOT aggressively warned drivers with electric signs on roads and highways not to take rental trucks on Storrow Drive.

“It’s pure speculation on my part,’’ state police Sgt. Tom Ryan told Boston.com on Monday, “But given the history of incidents that happen every year, if we’re seeing a reduction this year and the signs are new, there could be a correlation there.’’

We did, however, get a rental truck stuck on the Green Line. So congratulations on both accounts.

A history of Storrow Drive in pictures:

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