Family of man who drowned is suing the bar that bounced him

The family of a man who drowned in Boston Harbor has filed a lawsuit against the bar that ousted him on a winter night last year, saying that the establishment’s employees’ negligence in the situation led to his death.

In February of 2014, the Market bar and lounge in the Financial District ejected 24-year-old Eric Munsell for drunkenly stumbling and bumping into the other customers, The Boston Globe reported. The bouncer sent him outside in the freezing weather without his coat and without alerting friends inside. He later wandered toward the North End, fell in the harbor, and drowned.

Munsell’s family has brought a wrongful death lawsuit against the bar. The suit states that after Munsell was kicked out, he was forced to “fend for himself,’’ and that neither the bouncer nor employees at Market “made any effort to avoid or mitigate this unsafe situation,’’ The Globe reported.


Read the full Globe story here.

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