Say goodbye to Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station?

The Pilgrim Nuclear power plant on the seashore of Plymouth.
The Pilgrim Nuclear power plant on the seashore of Plymouth. –David L Ryan / The Boston Globe

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station—officially one of the worst-ranked nuclear plants in the country—might soon close if officials can’t afford to make it safer, according to The Boston Globe.

The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission downgraded the Plymouth facility earlier this month, marking it as one of the three least-safe plants in the country. The multimillion-dollar repairs required to improve safety might be out of reach for Pilgrim officials, the Globe reports, meaning the 43-year-old plant may close.

That category Pilgrim was downgraded into is actually the second-to-last in the hierarchy of power plants. But, if Pilgrim fails to meet federal requirements, the regulatory commission will move it into the lowest category, according to the Globe, forcing the plant to close at least temporarily. There are no U.S. power plants currently in the lowest category.


Read the full Globe story here.

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