The prison debate team that beat Harvard only meets for two hours a week

–Victor J. Blue / Bloomberg

The prison debate team that beat Harvard last week meets with its coach for only two hours a week. Bard Debate Union coach David Register revealed toThe Guardiansome of the preparation the inmates have to go through to compete.

To properly prepare for a debate the Bard Prison Initiative students must put in hundreds of hours outside of class – in addition to carrying full course loads from other classes – all within the confines of a maximum security prison, according to The Guardian.

The Bard Debate Union only began in 2013, but team members talk debate in their spare time in their cells, the yard, and the mess halls, and practice debating with other members of the initiative not on the debate team.


Register also stressed the importance of long-time team members to the growth of the team.

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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