GQ says Alden & Harlow has one of the best drinks in America. Except the restaurant no longer serves it.

Yay! Kind of.

Chef/owner Michael Scelfo works Alden & Harlow’s kitchen in 2014
Chef/owner Michael Scelfo works Alden & Harlow’s kitchen in 2014 –Aram Boghosian / The Boston Globe

GQ magazine released its list of “The 50 Best Things to Eat, Scarf, Sip, Spread, Slam, Savor, Scoop, Dip, Download (Yes, Download), And Drink Right Now,’’ and Massachusetts had one lone representative. Thing is, the item in question is no longer available.

Cambridge restaurant Alden & Harlow made the list for their vegetal cocktail, the Volcano – no small feat from a pool of an entire country’s worth of foods and beverages. However the item is no longer offered on their menu, Alden & Harlow bar manager Seth Freidus confirmed.

“We change the menu every week or two,’’ Freidus said. “Things come and go pretty quick. We try to keep it fresh.’’


According to Freidus, the Volcano was a summery cocktail made with Martinique rum, house made tomatillo, serrano, rice wine, and fresh lime juice.

Will the summery Volcano be making a return in light of the new press? Freidus couldn’t say.

“We really only bring back things that are crowd favorites,’’ he said. “Once our regulars really get into something, we can tell, and it’s fun to bring it back and be like, ‘Hey guys, remember this?’ But it could be fun to bring this back because of the press.’’

The restaurant is no stranger to elusive, exclusive items. Their (not so) Secret Burger lead one, shall we say, passionate fan to make threats of online slander against the restaurant unless he was served one, according to Boston magazine.

Whether or not the Volcano makes it back on the menu, Freidus has some suggestions for other alcoholic concoctions.

“We’ve got some fun stuff right now,’’ he said. “We’ve got a scotch cocktail with a miso and honey squash puree, and a demerara, rum, and rye cocktail with a pickled pumpkin puree.’’

Just like Massachusetts throughout history, Alden & Harlow is ahead of the game. Try to keep up, GQ.

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