Prosecutors recommend sex offender prison evaluation for Labrie

Owen Labrie.
Owen Labrie. –Charles Krupa / AP

Owen Labrie didn’t just make one bad choice the night he invited a 15-year-old girl to a secluded room on his prep school campus to have sex with her, prosecutors said Thursday. He had a plan for how he’d seduce and then trash the girls on his “Senior Salute’’ list, prosecutors said.

“Feign intimacy … then stab them in the back … THROW EM IN THE DUMPSTER,’’ he wrote in a Facebook chat with a friend in February 2014, nearly four months before the sexual assault for which he was convicted. “i lie in bed with them …. and pretend like i’m in love.’’


“THE LABREAZY SLEAZY METHOD,’’ the friend replied.

Merrimack County prosecutors released their pre-sentencing memorandum Thursday on the St. Paul’s School graduate, hours before Judge Larry Smukler will determine Labrie’s punishment for his convictions on three misdemeanor counts of having sex with an underage girl, endangering children and a felony charge of using a computer to seduce the girl.

Prosecutors didn’t specify jail time in their memo, but asked that he be evaluated by the Sex Offender Program at the New Hampshire State Prison.

The now 20-year-old will automatically have to register as a sex offender for life. How much time he spends in prison — if any — will be up to the judge. He faces up to seven years on the felony charge, which his attorneys unsuccessfully tried to get dismissed.

The prosecution’s description was a stark contrast to the Labrie that was described in the defense’s motion Wednesday. In that, defense attorney J.W. Carney Jr. described a deeply spiritual scholarship student who wanted to go to divinity school. Labrie spent his time awaiting trial supporting his family financially and building a chapel by hand, the defense said.

Labrie has already been punished enough and should receive probation, counseling and community service, Carney wrote.


Prosecutors maintained he was a man who denigrated women and wanted to have sex with the 15-year-old girl in part because he’d also been with her older sister.

It was all part of the “Senior Salute’’ game played by senior men who tried to hook up with as many girls as possible, they said. Labrie’s friends shared templates of messages used to seduce girls, passed down keys for secluded rooms on campus and worshipped an alumnus named “Slaymaker’’ for his sexual reputation, prosecutors said.

Labrie maintained he never had sex with the girl — there was no penetration, he said — but the jury did not believe him. They convicted him of having sex with her, but acquitted him of the more serious charges of aggravated rape.

Labrie’s lack of candor and truthfulness on the stand is another reason he should be punished harshly, prosecutor Catherine J. Ruffle wrote. He can’t be rehabilitated if he still won’t admit the truth, she said.

“He has maintained the mantra ‘deny until you die,’’’ she wrote.


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State v. Labrie - State's Sentencing Memo

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