Boston city councilor takes hard stance on Justin Bieber graffiti day before election

–Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP

Just before voters head to the polls on Tuesday, Boston City Councilor Matt O’Malley added a new policy plan to his platform: no more Justin Bieber-inspired graffiti.

Last week, Bieber commissioned works of graffiti around the world to promote the tracks from his forthcoming album, Purpose (due out Nov. 13). Boston was one of the cities lucky enough to get some love from Bieber with a mural on Ugi’s Pizza in Jamaica Plain, Boston magazine reported.

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O’Malley, who represents JP, jokingly tweeted not long after the story broke Monday that he will introduce “an emergency ordinance in Council this week prohibiting graffiti inspired by Biebs.’’


The harsh stance got an immediate response, with some adamantly supporting O’Malley’s joke — saying he should run for president or that they would vote for him — while others pushed him to concentrate on more serious topics like crime and poverty.

“The tweet was meant as a joke, I’ve been surprised by how quickly it’s gone viral,’’ O’Malley told Monday afternoon. “Apparently, when you write about Justin Bieber, it goes viral very quickly.’’

As for Bieber’s music, O’Malley said he doesn’t really have anything against the popstar — the music just isn’t quite his style.

“I can’t be too harsh,’’ he said. “I’m really not a fan of his work of music, but, you know, my taste runs a little differently.’’

Despite some harsh feedback, O’Malley’s stance on Biebs shouldn’t be a divisive issue, as he’s running unopposed to reclaim his seat.

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