A state senator is backing away from his plan to extend last call in Boston

Bartender Nick Ferguson poured a cocktail at Menton's Gold Bar in Boston. —Kayana Szymczak / The Boston Globe

As folks who enjoy a cocktail or two during Boston’s early morning hours know all too well, Boston’s bars and restaurants close by 2 a.m.

A bill on Beacon Hill aims to extend Boston’s last call, but the bill’s sponsor is having second thoughts about it, reports Boston magazine.

The bill would allow all communities serviced by the MBTA to set their own closing time at bars and restaurants. State Sen. William Brownsberger told Boston that communities outside of Boston don’t want that kind of authority and there is no consensus on the issue.

“Many people in these communities would not welcome this legislation,’’ Brownsberger told Boston.


Brownsberger supports extending last call in Boston, but thinks the city needs to make it happen through a home rule petition drawn up by the mayor and city council.

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