Massachusetts is the most intelligent state in the union, but you already knew that

After Donald Trump asked the people of Iowa how stupid they were last week, the Washington Post did a little digging to give him an answer. It turns out Iowa is pretty smart, but Massachusetts is the brainiest state of the bunch.

To determine the “Intelligence score’’ of a state, the Washington Post found the percentage point difference between a state’s IQ scores, SAT scores, ACT scores, and percentage of college grads. The Bay State ranked number one with a combined score well above the national average, reaffirming our Wicked Smaht status.

Other New England states fared pretty well too; New Hampshire and Connecticut came in an impressive third and fourth respectively, Vermont at seventh, Maine at 19th, and Rhode Island brought up the rear at 27th.


If you were wondering, Iowa came in 8th overall – decidedly not stupid.

See the full list at the Washington Post.

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