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Donald Trump delivers classic Donald Trump speech in Worcester

Ryan Breslin / Boston.com

“So amazing,’’ Donald Trump said, gazing out at the crowd on its feet. “By the way, do we love Tom Brady?’’

So began Trump’s latest Massachusetts rally on Wednesday night before a raucous group at DCU Center in Worcester. Bearing signs, “Make America Great Again’’ hats, and a willingness to go with the flow, the crowd stood, cheered, booed, laughed, and yelled for the Republican presidential candidate.

“We will build a wall,’’ Trump said, garnering some of the biggest cheers of the night. “And it’s gonna be paid for by Mexico. Believe me. One-hundred percent.’’


The winding speech frequently centered on ISIS, the terrorist attacks in Paris, and the Syrian refugee crisis. Trump said the Syrian refugees he’s seen in photos were almost all young men — “tough-looking cookies’’ — and that he noticed very few were women or children.

“This could be the great Trojan horse of all time,’’ he said.

Trump spoke about dealing with ISIS and what he said was their “brainwashing’’ of people online.

“We have to take back the Internet,’’ he said.

Another one of the loudest applause lines of the night was his forceful words about what he’d do with ISIS if elected.

“We gotta knock the s— out of these people,’’ he said. “We can do it fast, and we can do it furious.’’

As is his wont, Trump criticized his many political adversaries in harshly personal terms.

Hillary Clinton: “Doesn’t have the strength or stamina to be president.’’

Marco Rubio: “He’s no Reagan … My hair is better than his hair, I can tell you.’’

John Kerry: “He did not read The Art of the Deal, I can tell you.’’

Jeb Bush: “I don’t want to waste a lot of time on him, because it’s over.’’


Ben Carson: “He said he’s got pathological disease. That’s a problem to me.’’

The speech was interrupted on three separate occasions by protesters, though they were as much a part of the show as Trump himself.

Like a professional wrestling heel, each functioned as an easy foil to a tart-tongued Trump.

“They are so misguided. They don’t get it,’’ Trump said of three sign-wielding protesters who went to a roped-off section of the arena and held a sign that read “Migrant Lives Matter.’’

“It’s love in the room. A couple of people don’t have love. That’s OK,’’ Trump said of the man forcefully taken out of the building while repeatedly yelling, “Trump’s a racist.’’

This man was removed from the arena while yelling, “Trump’s a racist.’’Ryan Breslin / Boston.com

“You know, it’s amazing. I mentioned food stamps, and that guy who was seriously overweight went crazy,’’ Trump said of a bearded man who was taken away yelling, “You are the cancer that is killing democracy.’’

Outside of the arena, a few dozen young people protested Trump for his critical rhetoric of undocumented immigration. Edgar Rodriguez, a student at Holy Cross, said he was moved to protest after two Boston brothers were arrested for a hate crime for allegedly beating a homeless man.


“His words translate into hate crimes, like we saw in Boston,’’ Rodriguez said, “and that’s when it becomes a problem.’’

Toward the end of his speech, Trump dismissed the importance of these protests and said the media overly focused on them over other aspects of his campaign.

“You’re gonna hear about protests, and just remember what I said: It’s all a big lie,’’ he said.

Ryan Breslin / Boston.com


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