Dreaming of a white Christmas? All you need is $99


There is now a way to ensure a white Christmas, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

Boston-based Shipsnowyo.com will sell you 14 pounds of snow, delivered to your home on Christmas Eve, for $99.

For an additional $5, you’ll get a “Snowman in a Box,’’ which includes a carrot, two pieces of coal, and a set of chopsticks.

Kyle Waring got into the snow-selling business in February, when he and his wife Jessica co-founded Shipsnowyo.com.

Jessica and Kyle Waring, co-founders of Shipsnowyo.com —Courtesy of Kyle Waring

They began by packing snow from their own backyard into boxes. When business picked up, the couple partnered with a Danvers shipping company. They sold a total of 718 pounds of snow last winter, according to Waring.


The site expanded this fall, when the Warings introduced preserved fall foliage to their product lineup. They sold 450 orders, which Waring said exceeded his expectations, and required him to increase his leaf collection efforts.

“I went on a lot of hikes,’’ he said.

If Mother Nature cooperates, Waring said the plan is to source snow locally this winter.

“But the backup plan involves partners in Vermont and Colorado,’’ he said.

Waring, 28, grew up on the North Shore and lives in Somerville.

Shipsnowyo.com isn’t his first web-based endeavor.

“I sold my first website when i was 16,’’ Waring said. “It was a gangster name generator called pimpedmedia.com.’’

When he’s not selling snow, he works as a product manager for a mobile app company.

In addition to snow and leaves, Waring is also offering coal, just in time for the holiday season.

Shipcoalyo.com offer something for anyone looking to seek revenge this holiday season. For $14.99, they will send a handful of coal paired with a handwritten message, on which the sender can dictate any message they’d like.

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