Brown University will invest $100 million on plan to address racism on campus

Brown University plans to invest $100 million over the next 10 years to promote diversity and combat racism on campus, according to the head of the Ivy League college.

In a letter dated on Friday, President Christina H. Paxson wrote that the draft action plan, “Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion: An Action Plan for Brown University,’’ creates “a concrete set of actions to promote diversity and inclusion and confront the issues of racism, power, privilege, inequity and injustice’’ many campus members face.

The plan includes three tenets: campus community, investing in people, and academic leadership. Within those categories, Paxson outlined actual measures to support the plan’s goals.


They include increasing financial support for low-income undergraduate students, as well as a dean dedicated to working with those students; doubling the number of faculty from historically underrepresented groups by 2024-2025; expanding campus research on race, ethnicity, and social justice; and creating an annual report and committee on diversity and inclusion to provide data and information on the plan’s progress.

Paxson thanked Brown’s students of color for calling attention to the need for actions to address racism and injustice on campus.

“The deep pain that we have heard expressed by students of color in the past weeks and months — a pain that has been affirmed by faculty and staff members who work closely with and care deeply about our students — is very real,’’ she wrote.

Earlier this month, several hundred Brown and Providence College students gathered in protest of racial discrimination on their campuses, according to the Providence Journal. About a day later, a Darmouth student visiting Brown for a Latino student conference reported being assaulted by a public-safety officer. Paxson sent a letter of apology to all Ivy League college presidents in response to the incident.

Paxson said the university will provide an online feedback form open until December 4 for public comment on the 19-page “Pathways’’ draft before the action plan is finalized.

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