Jack Dunn disagrees with how he was portrayed in ‘Spotlight’

“It makes me look callous and indifferent.’’

Jack Dunn is unhappy about how he is presented in “Spotlight.’’
Jack Dunn is unhappy about how he is presented in “Spotlight.’’ –Bill Brett for The Boston Globe

Boston College spokesman Jack Dunn says he was misrepresented in the movie “Spotlight,’’ which depicts The Boston Globe’s investigation into the sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic priests, reports Globe columnist Kevin Cullen.

Dunn told Cullen a 2002 meeting, which included Dunn, Globe Spotlight editor Walter Robinson, and Boston College High School president Bill Kemeza, was misconstrued in the movie.

“The things they have me saying in the movie, I never said,’’ Dunn told the Globe. “But worse is the way they have me saying those things, like I didn’t care about the victims, that I tried to make the story go away. The dialogue assigned to me is completely fabricated and represents the opposite of who I am and what I did on behalf of the victims. It makes me look callous and indifferent.’’


Cullen reached out to the director of the movie, Tom McCarthy, who responded in an email by saying, “We understand that not everyone will embrace the way they are portrayed in the film, but we feel confident, based on our extensive research, that the movie captures with a high degree of authenticity the nature of events, personalities, and pressures of the time.’’

Read the full column in the Globe.

Who’s who in Spotlight:

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