Man with ‘lengthy, violent criminal history’ in custody after police standoff in Sharon

No one was injured.

No one was injured after Sharon Police shut down a portion of North Main Street in Sharon on Sunday night during a three-hour standoff with a man who has a “lengthy, violent criminal history,’’ according to a statement from the Sharon Police Department.

At about 9 p.m., police noticed Jamie McKeague, 43, walk into a North Main Street residence with a woman who had taken out a restraining order against him the day before, according to police.

“The female has previously been assaulted and threatened by the male who threatened to kill her and any officers who confronted him,’’ police said in the statement.


According to the statement, McKeague did not know about the restraining order and police were concerned the woman was being held against her will. They called her phone, after which she exited the building without incident. McKeague remained inside the house, even when asked to come out. Due to his violent history, police called in a SWAT team for assistance and secured the area around the house, shutting down a portion of North Main Street.

Shortly before midnight, McKeague exited the house and was arrested. He is being held without bail at the Sharon Police station. He is facing charges of violating a protective order, assault & battery, threats, and resisting arrest.

McKeague will be arraigned at Stoughton District Court on Monday.

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