Uber-driving grandma to stand trial in Portsmouth

A 63-year-old self-described “Uber grandma’’ rejected a plea deal that would have reduced fines she incured driving an unregistered Uber in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, according to Seacoastonline.

In Portsmouth Circuit Court on Monday, Stephanie Franz pleaded not guilty to four violation-level charges including: failing to adhere to a city ordinance the requires drivers-for-hire to pass criminal background checks, failing to provide proof of commercial insurance, and failing to register with the city.

She has previously passed a background check for her job as a school bus driver, according to Seacoastonline.

Franz, who has called herself “a child of the 60s,’’ has decided to stand by Uber, even though the plea deal would have reduced her fines from $3,500 to $700, said Seacoastonline.


John Pendleton, who was retained by Uber, is serving as Franz’s representation. He noted that Portsmouth was still mulling over changes to its transportation ordinance. Later Monday night the Portsmouth City Council reviewed changes Uber had requested to the ordinance.

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