The Simpsons took some glorious shots at Bates College

The Simpsons joyously ripped into Bates College on its latest episode this past Sunday.

In a short scene, a series of school bullies make fun of Lisa after her solar-powered derby car fails.

“Have fun going to Oberlin!’’ one nerdy student says.

“Maybe you can transfer after a couple years—to Bates!’’ the bald one says.

“Enjoy Maine in the winter!’’ another says.

“Hope you like Division III basketball!’’ the kid in the beanie says.

They all laugh. Lisa is left crying on the sidewalk.

The Lewiston, Maine university took the jokes in stride, posting a tweet encouraging Lisa to apply.


We’ll count this as another piece of evidence that the Springfield of The Simpsons is a Massachusetts town. After all, more students attend Bates from Massachusetts [PDF] than any other state.

(h/t Bangor Daily News)

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