Report: Massachusetts Senate president’s fiancé won’t run for Boston seat

Bryon Hefner, 28, will not run for state Senate, according to a report.
Bryon Hefner, 28, will not run for state Senate, according to a report. –Globe file / LinkedIn

Bryon Hefner, the 28-year-old fiancé of Massachusetts Senate President Stanley Rosenberg, will not run for an opening Senate seat, according a report from State House News Service.

The news comes just two days after The Boston Globe reported that Hefner was “seriously considering’’ a bid for the East Boston seat, soon to be vacated by Sen. Anthony Petruccelli.

Instead, Hefner will volunteer for Lydia Edwards, an East Boston attorney and Democrat, who announced Monday that she will run for Petruccelli’s seat, according to State House News Service.

Rosenberg, 66, declined to say Tuesday if he would endorse his fiancé, with whom he shares a Beacon Hill condominium and a home in Amherst, if he chose to run.


“Bryon has the right like anyone else to consider running for public office and he’s doing his due diligence and we’ll face that question if he decides to run,’’ Rosenberg told the Globe’s Joshua Miller, per Politico.

Last year, Rosenberg came under fire after Hefner, then a public relations executive, mocked an outgoing state senator on social media and bragged to other senators about his influence on “key decisions on Beacon Hill.’’

Rosenberg assured his colleagues at that time that he would put up a “firewall’’ between his private and professional life.

Asked Tuesday by Miller if that firewall still exists, Rosenberg responded, “Absolutely.’’

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