IndyCar organizers say they’re close to Grand Prix deal with the state

The Grand Prix of Boston is tentatively scheduled for next Labor Day weekend.
The Grand Prix of Boston is tentatively scheduled for next Labor Day weekend. –Michael Dwyer / AP

The planners of the proposed IndyCar race in Boston say they are set to sign a letter of intent with several state agencies to solidify timetables for the event, The Boston Globe reports.

“Everyone has agreed they don’t see any insurmountable obstacles,’’ John Casey, chief financial officer for the Grand Prix of Boston, told the Globe. “The letter of intent is to tell the world this race is going to happen.’’

The agreements would be with Massachusetts Port Authority, the state Convention Center Authority, the state Department of Transportation, and the MBTA, Casey said.

Mayor Marty Walsh signed an agreement with IndyCar for Boston to host The Grand Prix next Labor Day weekend. The event would send cars speeding around the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on a temporary 2.25-mile race in South Boston.


The Grand Prix had come under fire from members of a local condominium association, who said the race would cause congestion, parking problems, and would be a loud public nuisance. The event has also been criticized for its resemblance to the failed Olympic bid in its lack of public hearings, cost concerns, and inconveniences for locals.

You can read the full story at The Boston Globe.

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