A man smoked a cigarette at a T station, leading to his arrest

When a Quincy man smoked a cigarette near a “No Smoking’’ sign at a T station, it lead to his arrest, according to transit police.

Officers approached David Arrufat, 26, from Quincy, to inform him about the smoking laws on MBTA property. According to a statement from transit police, officers then learned there was a warrant for his arrest from Boston Municipal Court for a heroin trafficking charge.

The incident happened Wednesday at 10 a.m. at the MBTA’s Andrew Square station. Arrufat was placed into custody and taken to the Transit Police Department headquarters for booking.

According to Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley’s office, Arrufat is alleged to have been found in possession of 30 small bags of heroin on Aug. 18. Also, the warrant he was arrested on was a default warrant issued after he failed to appear at his scheduled arraignment for heroin trafficking on Dec. 2.


Arrufat appeared in Boston Municipal Court Wednesday, where prosecutors requested $5,000 bail and the judge imposed $1,500, according to Conley’s office. Arrufat will return to court Jan. 27.

Information about his attorney was not immediately available.

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