Study: Massachusetts has third lowest gun death rate in nation

There are some rankings where you want to come in last.

Take, for example, a new state-by-state ranking of gun death rates, in which Massachusetts comes in 48th.

The Bay State’s gun death rate per 100,000 residents was 3.37, according to a new analysis by the Violence Policy Center, a nonprofit that works to stop gun death and injury through research, education, advocacy, and collaboration.

The only states with fewer gun deaths per capita were Rhode Island and Hawaii.

The states with the highest gun death rates were Alaska, Louisiana, Mississipi, Alabama, and Montana, respectively, according to the analysis.

The Violence Policy Center analyzed 2014 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The newly released data was the most recent available.


The analysis found that higher gun ownership rates correlated with higher gun death rates. In Alaska, which had the highest gun death rate, more than 56 percent of households are occupied by gun-owners.

Massachusetts household gun ownership came in at just 14.3 percent.

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