Cranston official resigns after allegedly disguising man as elderly woman for photo-op

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A Cranston, Rhode Island official has resigned after allegedly having a male bus driver dress up as an elderly woman during a press conference to unveil a new initiative, the Providence Journal reported.

Sue Stenhouse, the now former executive director of senior services for Cranston, disguised a man who works for the Cranston Senior Enrichment Center by putting him in a wig, floral shirt, and makeup before a press conference in order to boost support for a plan to help seniors combat bad weather, according to the Journal. For some extra convincing, he also wore a hand-written nametag that read: “Cranston Senior Home Resident.’’


The press conference took place on January 5, when Stenhouse and Cranston Mayor Allan Fung presented an initiative intended to help high school students fulfill mandatory volunteer hours by connecting them to senior citizens who need help shoveling snow. It aired that evening on NBC 10 in Providence, and by the end of the week, Stenhouse had resigned, according to the Journal.

Stenhouse told NBC 10 that their original story was “a big lie’’ after they aired a piece claiming the elderly woman was actually a man, and then later said she did not have a comment. On Thursday, she shared a post on Facebook written by one of her supporters that acknowledged the stunt but defended her actions. Stenhouse thanked the author for the post.

Marie Foley Ahlert Yes folks, this is the story that should be making headlines.Sue Stenhouse has worked her entire...

Posted by Sue Stenhouse on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fung’s office told the Journal that it could not comment or provide the reason for Stenhouse’s resignation.

Read the full Journal story here.

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