MLK March for Justice planned in Dorchester

Hundreds of people are expected to take part in an MLK Day March for Justice in Dorchester Monday afternoon to demand higher minimum wages and police accountability.

The march was organized by Mass Action Against Police Brutality and the Fight for $15 Massachusetts campaign. It begins at 1 p.m. at Columbus Park in Dorchester, and will proceed to Grove Hall with several stops along the way.

Organizers will make several demands, including the jailing of police officers who commit violence, a $15 per hour minimum wage and union representation for workers, as well as a rejection of Islamophobia and an end to institutional racism. Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a federal holiday.


“More often than not, the populations most targeted by police are also on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder––Black, Brown, and poor,’’ said Brock Satter, an organizer with Mass Action Against Police Brutality. “We want to make sure that the fight against police brutality isn’t only seen as a fight that affects one section of the population. Everyone has a stake in the accountability of the government otherwise all our rights are in jeopardy.’’

Last year’s demonstration wound through Beacon Hill, but Satter said organizers planned to march through Dorchester to engage more residents who might not already be politically active.


“We wanted to make more of a conscious effort to involve the black community on a day that’s inspired from the black community,’’ he said. “We’re only beginning to really make the links between the different social struggles in the community. More people need to be involved. We remain determined to keep this going until there’s some real change.’’