Marathon bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet-Davis plans to run this year’s race

Adrianne Haslet-Davis, left, performs on stage with dancer Christian Lightner at the 2014 TED Conference, in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Dancer Adrianne Haslet-Davis performs on stage at the 2014 TED Conference with a new prosthetic limb for the first time since losingher left leg below the knee in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. –James Duncan Davidson/AP

Adrianne Haslet-Davis, who lost her left leg below the knee in the Boston Marathon bombing, said she loves a good challenge.

This April, she’ll “take on a great one.’’

Haslet-Davis announced Tuesday morning on the Hallmark Channel that she is training for this year’s 120th Boston Marathon. Her team, “#AdrianneStrong,’’ which she formed about five weeks ago, will raise funds for the Oklahoma City-based Limbs for Life Foundation.

“I made the decision a little while ago,’’ Haslet-Davis told “I wanted to train and really see if I was ready this year both physically and mentally before announcing that I’ve been training.’’


After the 2013 bombing, Haslet-Davis, a professional ballroom dancer, vowed to dance again. She accomplished that goal less than a year later, and showcased her skills at the marathon finish line on April 28, 2015.

Though she was never a runner, after the bombing, she also vowed to run the marathon.

“I could do a quickstep for hours, but I couldn’t run a block, but I have great trainers and I am getting more comfortable in my blade,’’ she said.

Half of me is so SO ready to run right now! #underconstruction

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Haslet-Davis said she is up to 10 miles with her training. She’s planning to run the April 18 race with her team. She said her race will be dedicated to anyone who has ever supported her or the other survivors.

“It’s just a giant thank you to everyone,’’ she said.

“I’m going to cry the whole time,’’ Haslet-Davis later added. “For me, [the finish line] has been defined by triumph, blood, sweat, tears, and tragedy—and with victory—and everyone who crosses it crosses for a different reason for themselves. And maybe it’s even a different reason from when they first cross the starting line.’’

Run like the wind #ladiesweekend Oh hi, Ojai

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