State police K-9 units help find robbery suspects

From left: K-9 Cayman with Tpr. George Demos and K-9 Tank.
From left: K-9 Cayman with Tpr. George Demos and K-9 Tank. –Massachusetts State Police

Cayman and Tank, two four-legged members of the state police, have been busy.

Massachusetts State Police said the two members of the K-9 unit helped their fellow officers with three incidents earlier this week.

Cayman responded with state police to Northborough early Friday morning to help local police find two suspects involved in the armed robbery of a cab driver. According to police, Cayman led his human counterparts to a motel parking lot and eventually to a room door. The motel clerk told police the room had been recently rented, but no one answered when officers knocked.

Police said they eventually gained access to the room where they discovered four men and an air pistol matching the description of the weapon used during the robbery.


Cayman was also on the scene late Tuesday night when state police conducted a traffic stop on Route 290 in Auburn. Police said Cayman helped officers locate 75 grams of suspected heroin in the car.

A few days before, K-9 Tank responded to a request for assistance from the Reading Police Department locating a suspect in several home invasions. Beginning where witnesses said they saw the suspect fleeing on a bicycle, Tank followed the trail into the woods. Along the way, officers located a bicycle and flashlight. Tank continued to lead officers through the woods, a swamp, and across the Ipswich River, where the two officers with him fell through the ice several times, police said.

But still Tank followed the trail, eventually bringing officers to a patch of reeds where they apprehended the suspect.

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