Boston police commissioner urges legislators to let his officers respond to calls in Seaport District

Boston's Seaport District
The Seaport District has recently undergone a period of massive development. –The Boston Globe

The issue over who has – and who should have – jurisdiction over police patrols in Boston’s Seaport District was raised at the Massachusetts State House Thursday when Boston Police Commissioner William Evans told legislators he wanted them to consider granting shared jurisdiction, The Boston Globe reports.

State police are currently the only law enforcement who patrol the Seaport District, which is owned by the Massachusetts Port Authority. Boston firefighters and EMS are authorized to respond to calls in the Seaport District, but Boston police officers are not, according to the Globe.

“I don’t think you’d appreciate your local police not being able to go into a major section of the city over a foolish jurisdictional issue,’’ Evans said at a public hearing of the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Security. “I always ask people, ‘Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t be down there?’ and nobody can answer my question.’’


Evans told legislators that the existing rule deprives Boston residents of the services of their own city’s police force, according to the Globe.

Read the full story at the Globe.

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