Woman, cat stopped on I-495 for ‘obvious license plate violation’

A state police trooper pulled over a woman driving on I-495 for what police described as “an obvious license plate violation” — what appeared to be a hand-drawn license plate.

hand drawn license plate

(The woman must not have seen the tips from the Bangor Police Department on how a permanent marker should be used.)

The driver was arrested on a previously issued warrant, according to police.  The trooper then checked on a cat in a pet carrier on the passenger seat.

“The cat was friendly and happy to be reunited with its owner before they were both transported to the Millbury barracks,” the department wrote.


Police said the feline wasn’t booked at the station and was able to leave when its owner was released on bail.

“Well, you can’t book a cat that’s already in lock up,” wrote one commenter on Facebook.

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