Was that a seal in the Charles River?

It's not the first time this has happened.

Was that a seal spotted in the Charles River on Monday?

The Museum of Science posted a photo of what appears to be a seal  paddling along near the building.

So what was a seal doing in the Charles? According to the New England Aquarium, it likely took a wrong turn looking for food. And it’s not the first time this has happened.

Back in 2010, a seal was spotted by a Boston Duck Tour operator in the water east of the Museum of Science just before the annual Head of the Charles regatta, according to the aquarium. The seal later returned safely to Boston Harbor. And, according to the aquarium, in 2009, a wild harp seal visited Central Wharf.


“Seals are protected under federal law, and people are not allowed to disturb them on the water or on land,” wrote the aquarium at the time.

If you do see a seal, the aquarium offered some tips to keep you — and it — safe. Don’t feed them or approach them, stay at least 150 feet away, don’t try to make them move, keep dogs away, reduce your speed if you’re boating, and call the aquarium if the seal comes out of the water or appears to be in distress.

The aquarium thanked the museum on social media for alerting them about this most recent seal sighting, writing, “This fella is on our radar now.”

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