State drops eviction of refugee Iraqi family from subsidized rooms in Saugus motel

The al Rubaye family (left - right / front) Taha, 13, Abdullah, 7, Ahmed, 42, Fatimah, 7, Abeer, 40, and Yaseen, 13, and (left - right / back) Mohammed, 17, Mustafa, 16, and Abdul Wahab, 11, pose for a portrait in their room at the Colonial Traveler Inn in Saugus. –Craig F. Walker / The Boston Globe

The state has withdrawn an eviction notice issued to an Iraqi refugee family for allowing Boston Globe reporters into their subsidized motel rooms, the Globe reported.

Officials from the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development accused the al Rubaye family of violating an emergency shelter policy by hosting guests in their two Saugus rooms, which are paid for by the state as a way to compensate for a shortage of affordable rentals. The Globe profiled the family of nine in an article Saturday – the same day that the al Rubayes received notice that the state would cease to pay for their rooms.


On Tuesday, a Massachusetts housing official visited the family, saying that the state would drop the eviction case.

“This is confusing and there seems to be a lot of contradictions,” Cherifa Khaddaoui, a friend of the family who translates for them, told the Globe. “One day they tell him they’re putting him on the street and the next day they say he can stay. I hope what they’re saying is true.”

Read the full Globe story here.

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