Duck boat driver in fatal crash had 10 speeding tickets on record

The scene at Beacon and Charles streets where a duck boat fatally struck a scooter driver. –Laura Crimaldi / Boston Globe

The driver of the duck boat that killed a woman over the weekend had a lengthy driving record, with citations dating back to 1994, The Boston Globe reports.

Victor Tavares had been issued 10 speeding tickets, as well as other violations, over the past two decades, according to his driving record from the Registry of Motor Vehicles. It is unclear what type of vehicle he was driving when cited.

Allison Warmuth was killed in a duck boat crash.
Allison Warmuth. —Ivan Warmuth

Tavares was driving a duck boat with more than 20 passengers Saturday morning when he struck 28-year-old Allison Warmuth, who was driving a scooter, at the intersection of Beacon and Charles streets.

The crash, which happened near Warmuth’s Beacon Hill home, is under investigation. Tavares has not been charged, but an RMV spokesperson told the Globe his license was suspended after the accident.


Warmuth, who grew up in Ohio and moved to Boston five years ago, was described by her parents as “an incredible person.”

“Her personality just brought such light and grace into the room,” her father, Ivan Warmuth, said. “You just felt good to be around her. She brought happiness everywhere she went.”

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