Brookline kid helps save choking baby brother, then gives police cookies

The 10-year-old thanked police with some cookies.
The 10-year-old thanked police with some cookies. –Brookline Police

Brookline Police offered a “special thank you” to a 10-year-old boy who calmly alerted police when his baby brother began choking, saving the baby’s life.

The family then gave police with their own thank you: A plate of cookies.

Police said emergency responders on Tuesday dislodged a piece of fruit stuck in the airway of an 11-month-old baby. Police also gave a “special” thanks to the big brother, who dialed 9-1-1 and then ran down the street to flag a nearby police crossing guard.

“I was doing my homework,” the boy, Ben Doctoroff, told Fox 25. “And then, I heard them coughing and choking.”


The Brookline family and its “young hero” then met with police on Wednesday with a plate cookies in hand, police said.

“Of course the brother got a badge and all of the delicious cookies were shared,” police said.

Mhm. Cookies.

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